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The purpose of this page is to get an idea of how many Get Smart fans are out there. I got the idea from the Get Smart mailing list, where other Get Smart fans such as yourself were discussing exactly how many of us are there! This page was created on Thursday, June 12, 1997, and the above count reflects the total number of visitors (not including me) since then.

If you know any other fans, please tell them to stop by here, so they can be counted as well. Thank you.

By the way, here are some web pages dedicated to Get Smart... I've taken this information directly out of the "Chief"'s page with a few minor changes and additions... (Sorry about that, Chief!)

Get Smart Related Links

The Get Smart Page
: To those of you who are on the Get Smart mailing list, this page really needs no introduction... But for the benefit of everyone else... this is "THE" Get Smart page, created by Carl Birkmeyer (Just call him "Chief").

Would you believe... Get Smart? : This is Dinh Yen Tran's Get Smart Page... the very first Get Smart page on the WWW. It contains a lot of pictures (some of which take a long time to load), some quotes, a list of all of Max's "Would you believes....?" and is very cleverly written.

Nellen's Neverland : Again, for the mailing list subscribers, this page needs no introduction. For all you other poor folks who are not subscribed to the mailing list (and why arent you?), this page is made by N. Ellen, who worked on the original series and knows both Don Adams and Bernie Kopell (Maxwell Smart and Sigfried) personally! She always has several interesting stories to tell about how the show got started. Get the inside info on Get Smart here.

Get Smart Now: The Web Site is Eric Pearson's NEW Get Smart page, a thousand years in the making! (would you believe a hundred? how about 3 years 7 months 9 days and 13 minutes?). It's got a lotta new and unique things in here... you'll just have to follow the link to check 'em all out. Here's a teaser: you think you know your Get Smart trivia? Well, go here and test yourself!

The Secret Files of Maxwell Smart* is Amanda "Czarface" B.'s page dedicated to this oh-so-wonderful television show. She's got some transcripts there, she's got some pictures there, she's got a link to my page there!!! WOOHOOO! okay. I'm calm.
*By which she means "files that Max accidentally dropped behind the radiator"

The Complete Get Smart Guide is Reza Kermaani's Get Smart Page, and is one of the best looking Get Smart websites out there (in the Chief's opinion, and mine too). A great deal of the information on this site was taken from Carl's site, with his permission. Also, there's a phone booth in here, as well as excellent biographies of the characters and a good list of quotes from Max.

Kirstina's Tribute to Get Smart : Exactly what it says! It's another loyal fan's tribute to the finest TV show ever made ... so far. She's got a ton of great photographs taken directly from the "TV Land cuts"!

Jon Kallis's Get Smart Page : This is made by... ummm... Jon Kallis... and is a very informational webpage about Get Smart. And it's also aesthetically pleasing to boot! Heck, just see it, okay?

TV Shows, shown in Lithuania: Get Smart : Alminelis' Get Smart Page is the latest page to hit the web from a big Get Smart fan in Lithuania.

Agente 86 Page. Written in Spanish, this is a Get Smart page made by Sergio Tiraferri in Argentina, where the show is aired as "El SuperAgente 86".

The Get Smart Collection: Watch out, Louvre! This page contains excellent photographs from some of the classic scenes in Get Smart. This page was created by Tom Silva.

Lisa's Unofficial Get Smart Page: This page contains the COMPLETE TRANSCRIPT to the "A Spy for a Spy" episode, which was the first appearance of Sigfried and has been voted by the mailing list members as one of the top 10 funniest episodes of the entire series! And more transcripts are on their way -- "Appointment in Sahara" and "The Spy Who Met Himself". This page also contains a GS trivia quiz and some of those questions are mighty tough, I might add, even for seasoned Get Smarters.

Amanda's Swinging Website : This page features some good background info on Get Smart, as well as a very nice background wallpaper (in spite of Amanda's own comments about it, yes, the wallpaper is very nice!), AND an excellent background theme music to Get Smart. But please dont refer to this as "the background page", coz that it ain't! If you explore this site more you'll also see pages on The Beatles (not the bugs, the musical group), Swing, and a few more "secrets"...

Get Smart!: This is made by Pete, and contains some excellect pictures of some of the cast members, including Barbara Feldon and Don Adams. There's also a picture of 99 here before she was 99!!!

Agent 99: This is the place to be for fans of Agent 99 (if you're a fan of Get Smart, how can you NOT be a fan of Agent 99?)

Gina's Get Smart Web Page : This is one of the newest Get Smart webpages to hit the web from one of the newest members of the Get Smart mailing list, Regina Woodard. The page contains a synopsis on what the show was about, pictures, AND THE BEST OF ALL... Get Smart stories that she has written herself! And I must say that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM IS DAMN GOOD! (oops... can I use the word "Damn" here? never mind... they just are, that's all... and she did spend a lot of time writing them, so you DAMN well better read them!)

Get Smart Scripts: This page contains various scripts written by Aaron, who is also another member of the Get Smart Mailing List. The scripts include such varied themes such as "KAOS Operating System", "Tomorrow Never Comes" (spoof of the James Bond movie "Tomorrow Never Dies"), and last but not least, "The One With Maxwell Smart" (answering the question, "What would happen if the characters from Get Smart traded lives with the characters from Friends?".) AND YOU DAMN WELL BETTER READ THESE STORIES TOO, since they're just as great as Gina's stories!!!! Coming soon, there is also "Get Smart 64".

The Get Smart Movie Campaign: This page is made by another one of the "chat regulars" and a good friend, Mr. Dale Barnard. I like this page because like I wrote above, it's in the same spirit as my page.. there may be a new Get Smart movie coming out in Y2K, and this webpage is a campaign to hire the TWO AND ONLY Don Adams and Barbara Feldon to play the lead roles, because Get Smart is not Get Smart without these two playing the quintessential spy couple, 86 and 99. Also part of this campaign is to bring back all the supporting cast members in their original roles, also for the same reason -- Get Smart would not be Get Smart without the likes of Bernie Kopell et. al. reprising all their original roles! So have I rambled long enough now? GO AND VISIT THIS PAGE and SIGN THE GUESTBOOK!!!!

WWF Grudge Match: Along the same lines as the above link, this page compares Maxwell Smart to Lt. Frank Drebin of "Police Squad!"

Shows4Fun's Home page : This one belongs to Nancy "Giggles" Damrow, and as the title implies, is about "Shows you'll love... shows you'll remember"... (Home Improvement, Early Edition, The Simpsons, Diagnosis Murder, A-Team, M*A*S*H, Bewitched, and of course, the best one of them all... Get Smart). She also has a "Scriptwriting Do's and Donts" section for all you Hollywood types.

A Very Very Top Secret Location : For "the good guys" only. This page is created by Alice Dryden, and contains all sorts of information about secret agents -- real and fictional. Of course Max and 99 made the list. The page also contains a hilarious quiz to test your survival skills if YOU became a spy!

Jim's Spy Links. This website contains links to television spy shows as well as links for real intelligence agencies, some of which employ agents just as competent as Max.

A Mel Brooks interview where he discusses Get Smart, among other things.

A Word From KAOS This is a sub-page from Carl's page, listed for the benefit of CONTROL agents worldwide who would want to defect to the other side. Yes folks, The "International Organization of Evil" is hiring. One word of caution, as it says on their glorious web page... SISSIES NEED NOT APPLY! The life of any Control agent trying to infiltrate this organization will be in grave jeopardy at all times... you will be facing constant danger at every turn... AND... LOVING IT! [KAOS is a Delaware Corporation and an equal opportunity employer.]

CONTROL's Top Secrets! : For all you KAOS agents, check out this webpage where all of CONTROL's top secrets are nicely documented. This page is for KAOS spies only!! [Created by David Black]

Above photo of Maxwell Smart thanks to Carl Birkmeyer.
Above list of Get Smart links thanks to the people who made them!
Above descriptions of Get Smart sites thanks to Carl Birkmeyer and Eric Pearson.

If you have a Get Smart fan page and I have not listed it above, please let me know so I can add your link here.

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